I’m so glad you found me; I’m Catherine, a wedding and adventure photographer based in Harrisburg. I’m a traveling coffee addict who loves avocado on toast and quality time. I’m an enneagram 7, that means I'll bring the hype and be your biggest cheerleader?" What I love more than any of that is capturing love and nature, especially love IN nature. You could consider me a romantic soul; I love using the outdoors as a whimsical setting for your epic romance. Capturing cute humans and their heart-filled love story in nature is everything. 

Where nature and romance come together to capture your magical love story. 

Hey, I'm catherine

each package includeS:

At least 8 hours of wedding photography
Two Photographers
Wedding timeline planning
online gallery DELIVERED in 6-8 weeks

I'm based out of Harrisburg, PA.

My style is moody and natural, with a focus on capturing raw, authentic moments. I love to portray what the setting and lighting actually look like because of #authenticity. People who are happy and in love are my people! Bring on the PDA, snuggles are the best!

YES. I love to travel and will gladly come to you to capture your memories. Travel rates do apply (which you’ll receive info on once you inquire).

For weddings, you will receive your photos in 4-6 weeks. For other sessions, you will receive your photos within 30 days. 

Right now, I take up to 30 weddings a year. We also have an amazing associate shooter that takes a few weddings for me so I don’t spread myself thin! 

I take a select number of families per year because I don’t want to spread myself thin. I do a mini-session day at least once a year that many families sign up for.

To answer that, I have a section in my questionnaire that asks for “must-have photos” BUT I have an arsenal of poses and details that I focus on to make sure you get the best of the best. But I want to make sure that I capture what you want as well, so that’s why I always ask!

I love working with videographers!! I make sure that I communicate well with them, ask where they will be (especially during the ceremony) and let them know what shots I am expecting to take. I respect the fact that you hired us BOTH, and I want to make sure that they get the best content for you by working professionally with them!

YES YES YES. My worst nightmare would be for all my equipment to die at an event, so I make sure to always have backup cameras and lenses on hand!

We’ll have an initial meeting/call where we go over the bare bones of your wedding. Then we’ll have one month before your wedding day to settle on the schedule for the day, and then one last meeting/call the week of just in case everything has changed. I went to school for event planning & have coordinated weddings in the past so I will help you in any way I can!

Yes!! If your venue requires proof of insurance, I will definitely provide all the information!

Yes yes! While my pricing is what it is for a reason, I definitely am willing to talk with you and negotiate with you. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Because I believe in integrity & providing you with my best work, I ALWAYS edit the photos. Editing brings the story & magic to life!!


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